Is the COVID Vaccine Safe

Here’s a video which explains the science behind the COVID vaccine and dispels some of the myths in the media.

We’ve, been hearing a lot of myths about the covid vaccine and how it can incorporate inside the human genome, cause a chimera type phenomenon or maybe infertility. I want to dispel some of those myths that we’re hearing in the media and give you an understanding of some basic cell biology. I’m, Dr. Page, the best guy to see on the worst day of your life. I’m, not an immunologist. I’m a surgeon, but I graduated with a degree in cell biology from college. I’m, not a rocket scientist. I want to explain to this to you in a way that you can understand. Imagine this being a cell in your body. Right in the middle is something that we call the nucleus. Inside the nucleus of the cell is where your DNA, your human genome, all of your genetic material is located. It looks kind of like a ladder. It’s, all scrunched up together, but what the DNA does in the nucleus is. The DNA is the genetic code, making messages called messenger rna. The DNA unfolds. It unzips, making mrna. And what happens to this rna out in the cytoplasm outside of the nucleus? This process called translation is the process of making dna to rna. That s called transcription. When you would transcribe something you don’t really change the message. What happens when rna is made by the dna? is called translation. It’s translated into a protein, something very different. We call that translation, okay and what what happens here is that rna in the cytoplasm outside of the nucleus changes that message into protein. Now, what’s interesting about the COVID vaccine is that ‘s its made of mRNA. That message that would make a virus protein. Vaccines have worked in the past have been made of protein. When we inject the protein in the body, it recognizes and attacks the foreign material. What scientists have done is they’ve, taken a step back and they’ve made the precursor to the protein. They’ve, actually made the message, the mrna. It comes inside your cells and your body converts that message into the protein. Your body recognizes that as a foreign material. You develop this immunologic reaction. An immune response. So it has a lipid membrane and it looks kind of like a half ladder. It’s, this genetic code that comes into the cell now. The misunderstanding here is that somehow people think that this mrna can somehow get inside the nucleus and can incorporate into the human genome. There’s, really not a lot of science behind that. In fact, it would be a Rare exception–a one in a million. If it did happen it probably wouldn’t make a difference anyway. It would be the exception for that to happen. Understand the basic science. This will help, you understand this myth that somehow we have this conspiracy. No one’s trying to change our human genome or trying to put something in our body that can be tracked. There’s little scientific basis behind it. Basically, all this is is a precursor message that your body will convert into protein. Very quickly, it will be digested and forgotten. The COVID vaccine doesn’t incorporate into the human genome. I got my vaccine. I think you should consider it, if you’re at high risk for having problems.

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