Tips from a Cancer Survivor

Here we talk with Mark Bruce, cancer survivor, who tells of his experiences overcoming prostate cancer. He is the host of the In Awe podcast To see all the interviews, click here: Bruce’s podcast, In Awe, can be found here:

Three Reasons You Should Bring Someone With You to Your Doctor’s Appointment

Help with Health Care, Click Below: Here’s some free video sessions which helps you understand more about how to navigate our complicated health care system–with free downloadable sessions.

Things have changed so much

We talk about the good and the bad of all the new changes we are facing on this episode of Life’s about Living: Did you ever think you would see your doctor on screen? That’s telemedicine. Did you ever think your kids would go to class online? Virtual Learning. Did you ever think you wouldContinue reading “Things have changed so much”

When to Speak and When to Keep Silent

Here’s some thoughts from Dr. Erwin Lutzer who talks about the spiritual side of this topic. He talked with us about his new book, We will not be silenced: Here’s another video talking about being quick to hear and slow to speak:

Differences Between Men and Women

Here’s a good article on the Focus on the Family Website about the differences between Men and Women:

Cam Edwards talks about Gun issues

Why keep a gun? Thoughts on Reducing Gun Violence: Citizens Committee on the Right to Bear Arms:

Interview with Michael Grayson: Helping with Medical Debt

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