Dr. Erwin Lutzer discusses Culture on Life’s About Living


Share your story on our TV Show, Video details: Hello. I’m Sandy Siler, one of your hosts for Life’s about Living. I am so so incredibly happy to be on this journey with Dr Chuck and Joe. God has given me a passion for music, for fashion, and for mentoring young people. I have aContinue reading “SHARE YOUR STORY ON OUR TV SHOW”

Life’s About Living: Interview with Steve Williford, Hero at Sutherland Springs Shooting

Steve Williford shares his story at the shooting at First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs Texas. When Steve hears the shots, he grabs his guns and walks barefoot across the road to distract the shooter. Here he talks about what happened and his journey of faith.

A Story of Jackie Kennedy’s Dog

This is Doctor Page, the best got to see on the worst day of your life. Today I have with me a new friend, Dr. Mark Bruce. Dr. Mark is the new author of a book, Jackie, a boy and a dog. It’s an interesting story about his relationship with Jackie Kennedy of all people.Continue reading “A Story of Jackie Kennedy’s Dog”

Story of Angels Watching During Cancer Treatment

Here’s today’s, Spoonful of Courage. I had a friend called Jim. Jim had a head and neck cancer and had to have radiation to his tongue. I was talking with Jim one day about a year after he finished radiation. He was sharing some of his experiences. He said “Chuck you’re, not going to believeContinue reading “Story of Angels Watching During Cancer Treatment”

Share Your Story on Life’s about Living

Video details: I’m, Dr. Page. Your host at Life’s About Living. We believe that everyone has a story to tell. We’re, passionate about hearing stories from everyday people and hearing how they have responded in a positive way to their life events. Those who have learned to see the possibilities in their problems. Those whoContinue reading “Share Your Story on Life’s about Living”


VIDEO DETAILS: Here’s today’s, spoonful of courage. Yesterday I had one of the most eye-opening experiences. I dropped my wife off at the hospital with people I didn’t even know to have a surgery in a state far away from where we live, and I experienced an emotion called separation anxiety. If you think aboutContinue reading “COVID GIVES PEOPLE FEELINGS OF SEPARATION ANXIETY”

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