Tips on Eating Healthy. Interview with Alan Winters CEO of Vigaroom

Episode one of interview with Alan Winters

Healthy Eating for beginners, tips by Alan Winters of Vigaroom. Watch this video:

How to eat healthy and begin a healthy lifestyle. Alan Winters with Vigaroom gives us some tips:

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I’m Dr Page one of your hosts on Life’s about Living. We’re going to talk today with Alan winters. He’s the CEO and founder of vigoroom. It’s, an online health resource, and we’ve, been talking with him in the last episode about health, diet and all of these things–simple steps that we can make to learn about making good choices as this new year comes upon us. You can find the rest of these interviews on

We’re, going to move right into it with Alan Winters. The founder of vigaroom. Alan, give us some tips on eating healthy.

Alan: We are laser focused on folks who don ‘ t presently take care of their health. That’s the audience we’re interested in, which is almost everybody. Folks who don’t, take good care of their health. How do we develop those habits and how do we change mindsets to get people to feel good about making these changes?

Healthy eating for beginners:

Dr. Chuck: We, doctors are the worst. You know it seems I’m, so guilty of saying Do, as I say, not as I do. I feel like for the past 25 years, I’ve sacrificed my health for everybody else’s, I had this moment during COVID, where I realized, What am i doing? I really need to start thinking about longevity and thinking about some of the just some some of the decisions that I’m making. So much of it has to do with lifestyle, and I really feel like that it’s the key for our for our nation as a whole, for the health of our nation, and for individuals–to start thinking differently.

You know it’s lifestyle, just everything that we do. I think of young families. They have kids and they go to work. Then they have to take kids to baseball games and then, of course, after baseball, you know it’s 8. 30 at night. You don’t, have time to cook and you haven ‘ t really planned a meal. We’re busy. And then we end up, by default, doing things that are very unhealthy. We go to the fast food restaurant and get some burgers for the kids after playing baseball.

Alan: You know, there are little things we could do to make simple lifestyle changes. It takes a little time to stop, really think, and assess. You know our habits and our lifestyle. You know, I agree in fact, even on on the point you just made.

Eating healthy 2021:

We have a program in our system that is a meal planning program from a financial planner out of Cincinnati. The whole point of this program, and I think it’s 10 days if I recall, is you have limited time and you have a tight budget. So how do you eat well? This whole program is basically teaching you how to do that part of it is making the freezer your breast, your best friend, and knowing how to use A freezer strategically it’s kind of fun.

When the next pandemic hits, and Chuck, it probably is not 104 years from now. It probably is quite a bit, sooner than we think.

Why not change your lifestyle now so that when the next one hits your likelihood of really disastrous circumstances, goes down. Your chances of staying safe or not getting really sick and not dying improves with good health.

Really, though, you know your chances of doing. Okay, go up a lot and it’s, so much of it’s in your control, so that’s. The buddy that isn’t that the good news Chuck so much of this is in each individual’s control. I do want to say this. If you failed the diets before, if you tried exercising, and it didn’t work for you, guess what? It’s okay. It’s totally okay. It doesn’t destine you to horrible nutrition and never exercising for the rest of your life. It doesn’t.

Simple Lifestyle changes:

Dr. Chuck: You know, I think that’s. So true, I think that’s such a great thing for our viewers. Just remember that sometimes in life we fall forward. You know it’s, not about perfection. It’s about direction and wow.

You know it’s, just so good. There’s, just such simple things that we can do to make our lives better, and i think we all have had some times of introspection, and i want to encourage our audience. You know check out vika room and to check out what alan is doing and just remember those simple things.

You know the journey. of a thousand miles begins with the first step. So diet and exercise. It’s, so basic. But we tend to always think about things that are more sophisticated. I think that was one of the real take-home message of messages of having you on Life’s about Living. It’s not that hard, Alan.

Alan: It’s not that hard Chuck, it isn’t and just for for your audience.

If this sounds interesting, you can go to your employer and say hey check out this business. It’s Vigaroom or,. Vigor. Vitality. Energy.

I appreciate so much. You’re, giving me the opportunity to spend some time with you. I totally enjoyed it absolutely.

Dr. Chuck: Thank you so much Alan and I hope, Alan is going to be on the beach here in a little while. I’m really jealous every time I talk to Allen. He’s always out on the beach it’s, just not fair.

Allen: Anyway, living in Mexico on the beach, my breaks, my healthy lifestyle is taking a break and walking the beach. You know if you’re gonna work a 10-12 hour day.

You should take a break absolutely, but there’s, always a way. You know there’s wherever you live. Even if you live in downtown Chicago there’s some beautiful places that you can walk and I’ve walked the lake there. It’s, really nice.

Dr. Chuck:

Well, it’s great to have you on the show and uh, thanks for being on life’s about living and giving your hones opinion on how to start eating healthy and making simple lifestyle changes.

Alan: My pleasure have a have a wonderful rest of the day.

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