Are You Bored in the Pandemic? And what Life’s About Living about?

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Welcome to Life’ about Living. I’m, Dr. Chuck Page, and I’m here with the famous co-host Dr Joe Pettigrew. He needs no introduction, and so anyway, we’re, going to talk a little bit about what life’s about living’s about. You know, we’re coming out of a COVID epidemic don’t, you think john.

There’s so many people that are so worried about dying. They don’t, live yeah so and so that’s.

What we really want to get this show to be about, well there are so many mixed messages in the media. Don’t, you think Joe?


Well. I think so many people in the age that we’re here, focusing on baby boomers.

So much or are you know, people aren’t even getting out of their house absolutely where they’re not doing anything. I was talking to a guy, though today, and he said what’s, the good old days for you listen in his definition.

His definition was like pre-coping, but I just want our listeners to think for just a minute. We all did have a good old days, I mean at our age. We had a great days. You know there were times where we were growing up and our parents would buy us school clothes. And they didn’t say: what do you want to wear? They’d, go out to maybe Sears and

Roe buck or whatever, and they were number two pencils that was about all you needed.

You stand them up and when you come home from school you would take off your school clothes and you put on your play clothes. But before you went outside.

Chuck: Yeah you were rich Joe. Man. We had one pair of blue jeans. We wore them about three or four days

Joe: Once you went outside you, weren’t, afraid nothing yeah! You weren’t afraid somebody’s going to come up here.

You’re, going to get you or like abduct, your kids or whatever yeah, and you played with free stuff. Well, i’m, not really free. I’m in a bicycle or a baseball, or something like that yeah. I remember my sister playing with those little paper dolls.

They weren’t even real dolls, little paper dolls, so some people think back and they say golly now. Those were those were very uh that was so much more simple things uh and but you know you go outside you play like crazy.

You didn’t handle a bottle of water when it was over. You drunk out of a hydrant or the best water in the world was out of a water hose, i mean so the good old days we acted. I actually at my house. We were so mistreated.

I would have to get up and walk about three foot to the television and turn the channel for my daddy, because we didn’t have a remote. I can see you ‘ Ve got some emotions yeah, oh boy. I can’t tell you so the people that are listening to our program.

We know what it is for the good old days and right now we’re scared. Absolutely we have no idea what’s going on. I’m telling you. You know that’s. One thing you and i’ve, talked about because you’re, so brilliant in the medical field, but see i’m still standing here.

I don’t know what’s, going on with all this right anymore, joe. We’re, getting so many mixed messages from the media and i think so often uh. We we focus on the exceptions. We exaggerate issues and we begin the media begins to shut things down, so that’s.

One of the things we really want to get to we want to get to. You know back to kind of a semblance of of okay of reality and that’s. One of the focuses, i think, yeah but see. Sometimes what scares me sometimes is i’ll talk to people in the medical profession.

They say i’m, not going to get the bar shot. I’m, not going to take this. I got you and then i’m sitting over here is a totally nobody in the medical world scared. Do i take it, do i not do i go with them? Do i not? You know it’s, crazy, the things that we’re, seeing in today regarding this virus, you go out.

Some people have their mask on driving in the car down the road, but yet you go in. I looked at women to wrestle those i looked in the kitchen in there and the crack and the people back there were cooking didn’t have a mask on no, they’re coughing, all the food.

Probably it is so crazy. All the things like when we shut down all the stores, because we don’t want to make it covered, but you could go out at the walmart yep and you and a three billion of your friends without mask on.

We’re. Just having a ball, it is so we’ve got a group of people and one of the reasons a lot of people are watching our show now is they can’t get out. They want to touch a reality. They want somebody to come in and kind of tell them, so i guess the big thing for us is.

I don’t know that life will ever go back to the good old days that i remember, but life is gonna go back right. We’re gonna go where we can get out of the house again right, so life is about living and that’s.

The focus, i think one of the things that we want to draw out on this show is hearing stories of real everyday people. You know we always hear stories, it seems like from the heroes right and we want to.

We want to capture the stories of everyday folks. In fact, if you have a story to tell you can contact us on the contact page, we have some information for you and you can fill that out and maybe you we might want to interview you on the show and just hear your story.

Maybe a story of faith, but you know one of the things i find is so many people disregarded and they say i don’t really have a story, but i disagree. I disagree especially of the baby boomer generation.

It doesn’t. Take long and they start telling a story, and you think i wish everybody could hear that that’s, powerful yeah. I wish everybody could hear that. I wish you could write a book about it. You know, but that’s.

The kind of stories i think that we’re looking for are those stories that you hear mean something to you. You connect with it and uh. It makes us better people because of it right. Well, you know that’s.

One thing i want to encourage folks, if you just text lal or life’s about living lal to 66866, and we’ll, get you on our list, so we can send you these podcasts and these videos and this information that we Have we’d love for you to join us on the journey yeah? So you know one of the things, though, that i hear people say a lot of time.

Is i’m bored of death? You hear that i am bored because i hear that more from my kids and more from adults. They’re watching television, a lot, but it doesn’t matter. If we have four million channels, usually for most of us is only about four of them.

We like right and we just keep going back and forth and back and forth right, but we’re bored. But do you remember, i remember what my mother used to say about the biggest punishment you had as a kid when you were forced to stay in the house or going you’re, going to go outside, go to your room now with all the Screenaders and everything it’s, it’s kind of boring, but but so there’s a time coming.

When we’re gonna nobody’s. Gon na make us go in the house. We’re gonna be able to get outside the house, but what are we doing? What do we do in the meantime? What do we do in the meantime, because i’m, convinced that you know you can your blood pressure can go up? If all you do sit there and watch the nightly news every night? Absolutely you know, and so we’re.

Looking for programs, i think that make it that uplift us that make us feel good. My mom used to tell me said when i say i’m bored, you said well, then i’ll. Give you something to be more about. You. Remember that comment: well, we that’s, what the virus has done.

It’s, given us something to be bored about right right. You know here’s. Another thought on that. You know. I always remember what mr rogers said when he watched something bad on the news. He would always his mother would always say now.

Just watch there’s, always in every tragedy. There’s, good people there that are doing things. I always thought about that, and so you know that’s, the thing so often don’t. You think, oh boy, you know that’s, how we perceive and how we look at things, but that’s, not what sells in the media absolutely what cells in the media are.

All the crisis is going on, not that person that that goes out every morning and picks up every one of his neighbors newspaper and leans it on their door. Just because he wants to be nice, you know or or the person that runs people’s, garbage cans back and forth to the house, elderly people.

I mean there’s, so much that we can do and not yet be exposed to other people right or takes a little old lady to their doctor’s office appointment. Well, i’ll. Tell you just those little expressions of faith, hope and courage, make a big difference.

Yeah, when you know – and i know there’s safe ways of doing things and not safe way right, but as a generation, we grew up with the unsafe way of doing things. What do i mean? I didn’t, have a car seat, did you have a car seat? As a matter of fact, i remember my daddy sold a car four years after he bought it, and it still had the plastic on the seat belt, where we never took it out and used it.

So we’re. We wrote in the back of a pickup truck. Well, i didn’t, have yeah, i didn’t, have a seat belt; no, it says step side. So so we grew up in a generation now and and that have all that we really we really weren’t that safe and now somebody’s telling us you got to wear a mask every time you walk out the door.

You’ve got to wash your hands every time and it’s just hard for us to to have something to do with that. Absolutely well guys! Uh! We just want to welcome you to glass about living. You can text lal to 66866 and that will get you connected with our podcasts and our shows and uh just always good to talk with dr joe.

He’s always got a unique perspective on things, so we’re, going to see you in the next episode and welcome.

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