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Hello. I’m Sandy Siler, one of your hosts for Life’s about Living. I am so so incredibly happy to be on this journey with Dr Chuck and Joe. God has given me a passion for music, for fashion, and for mentoring young people. I have a music background. I went to Kilgore junior college. I graduated from there and then went on to SMU in Dallas, Texas and then on to Stephen F. Austin State University where I obtained music degrees in piano performance. After that, I returned to my alma mater in Kilgore, where I had the opportunity of mentoring, hundreds of students there from all over the world. I got to help them fulfill their dreams to make their dreams come true. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. Ever since Iwas old enough to walk, I love clothes and hats and jewelry, and so I’ll, be interviewing some people, some new people in the fashion industry as well. Now we will be interviewing lots of famous people, but more so than that we are looking for the behind the scenes person the one who’s, truly making a difference that you probably have never heard of, and so, if you feel like, you are One of those people, or that you know of somebody that is truly making a difference in the lives of people. We want you to visit our website there. You’ll, find forms and a place where you can write your story and i assure you we’ll, get back with you, so i look so forward to this journey with you all. I’m Sandy Siler, just loving life and living life and sharing my story of courage and giving my honest opinion–how do I share my story of courage.

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