Story of Angels Watching During Cancer Treatment

Here’s today’s, Spoonful of Courage. I had a friend called Jim. Jim had a head and neck cancer and had to have radiation to his tongue. I was talking with Jim one day about a year after he finished radiation. He was sharing some of his experiences. He said “Chuck you’re, not going to believe this, but I had this weird experience when I was on the on the table.” If any, know about how radiation works, they put you in this room. They isolate you because they’re shooting these beams of gamma rays. They strap you down and they hold you still. He said, “You know, as I was going through that process. You know I’m very claustrophobic.” He said. “My wife got me these these worship tunes – and I put these words – these worship tunes on. They pushed the button and began to start the radiation. As the radiation began I heard this grinding sound. That’s when I know they were beginning to shoot the gamma rays through me.””When I began to worship, I heard someone singing as I was singing out loud. I would hear this singing. Of course I couldn’t move. I was strapped and there was this person that was singing there in the room.” I want to remind you that when you’re going through a difficult time, a difficult circumstance, you may not see God, but He is there. His angels are watching over you. As you begin to practice the presence of God, He will be there. He will watch over you in his grace. He will walk with you through these difficult times. You know this was a time in Jim’s life when he knew that God’s presence was with him. He could palpate Him. He knew God was there in the process. I want to remind you that, God is there. What things are you doing to practice, the presence of God? Maybe singing, maybe reading the scriptures? I want to remind you whatever circumstances you’re going through, God is there. He is working. I’m, Dr. Page, the best guy to see on the worst day of your life. If you’d like to read this, we have this article, that is, it also tells the story in a little bit different way on CBN. You can find that in the link here:

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  1. Even though I knew, I had this confirmed during my own cancer battle. Every afternoon after I got home from radiation treatments, I would hike the same trail behind the house. Every single time, there was something new waiting for me. New flowers, now-and sometimes very odd-insects. A deer would show up from time to time to visit with me. The feelings of comfort I got on those walks were like none other.

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