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Video details: I’m, Dr. Page. Your host at Life’s About Living. We believe that everyone has a story to tell. We’re, passionate about hearing stories from everyday people and hearing how they have responded in a positive way to their life events. Those who have learned to see the possibilities in their problems. Those who have maybe had an obstacle in life and learned to see some opportunities that their life challenges brought them. We believe it’s, not just the Big shots, the heroes that we hear about in our society, but everyday people who have stories to tell. There are everyday heroes whose stories need to be told. If you feel like you’re one of those people, contact us on our contact page on our website, life’s about living show. com. Just contact us. We have a questionnaire. We’ll have you fill out. We also have some more information. We want to hear more about you and your story and whether that would fit in, but we just want to encourage you to tell your story. We’d love to hear from you. I’m, Dr page, the best guy to see on the worst day of your life.

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Here’s an Encouraging Story I saw on the news the other day:

Daring to dream is how little Alyssa has gone through life since her accident last May. She was hit by a truck. Her leg had to be amputated below the knee, but she didn’t. Let the operation keep her off the state and less than a year into her new life.

Alyssa delivered a showstopper at her dance studios. Recital she performed an original piece and if you think just the dancing is brave watch, this Alyssa removes her prosthetic and doesn’t miss a beat.

I asked her why she did it to show them that I was still me without it and to be myself lots of kids dream of being the next LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, but Julian Newman may just have a shot only 11 years old.

He’s, playing guys two feet taller and seven years older and guess what he’s beating them. They think that I’m, not good. They see me, they see different. This fifth grader is already the starting point guard on his high school’s, varsity basketball team that’s right fresh from elementary school Julian plays for the high school varsity team right away.

We knew he had a talent, his dad. Also, his coach helped put together Julian’s highlight reel on YouTube. It’s, going viral with more than two and a half million hits and Counting when Charlotte Brown runs down her lane with her paint, pole, vault and leaps into the sky.

You hold your breath. She’s just 15 years old and she’s learned to fly. But what’s most amazing is she can’t see? I really can’t, make out a blurry and it just it really just doesn’t. It really just blends in for me.

She can’t, see the track or the fancy color of her pole, vault or the faces of the people in the stands. She’s legally blind, so you have no idea. You know what I really look like right: doctors, don’t know why, but she started losing her sight when she was just 16 weeks old, several surgeries later, none of it helped.

She took to the pole vault like a champion, but how in the world is someone who’s blind do so well at something that’s, challenging for anyone? This is what pole vaulting looks like to a sighted person, but this is what it looks like to Charlotte.

She says it’s like looking down the inside of a little black straw and seeing a blurry light at the end. So she has a system. Her coach lays artificial turf. Next to her Lane. She can see the difference between light and dark, and it helps her run straight one.

She counts her steps and then goes four and now get this. She’s, not just any pole. Vaulter she’s. The best her high school has ever seen. We’re back now with a California boy who is celebrating after setting a new world record, becoming actually the youngest person ever to swim from San Francisco to Alcatraz and back that’s about it over two miles long distance and he’s only nine years old James savage walked onto the beach and collapsed in his mother’s, arms after that grueling two-hour trek.

He battled conditions that were also pretty bad windy and frigid. He says he even considered giving up. I thought it was gonna be easy at first, but then after I got out there, the title’s, pushing me all around.

I was about to quit, but then I kept on going when he first announced he wanted to walk a mile in a race. The most intimate walk is 20 steps. Watching sports with dad was his first love, but running together quickly took over it’s, pretty difficult to have athletic events that you can do together and for the past six years.

They have. It started small with each race run by dad, but finished by both we just had a person. The other day said you know, Johnny could be a professional athlete and he said no, I’m serious. He said he really could be.

Bruce might be. Being a was there in their endurance, races and stuff, but I think it’s, a tremendous lesson for me. It teaches me that anything is possible who would have ever thought? You know my son was cerebral palsy.

It’s. Gon na be able to it’ll participate in an event of this magnitude in an ESPN East 60 story. From a few years ago, Johnny challenged himself to walk the final mile of a 5k and realized the true feeling of competition and completion on his own.

That powerful day was the day his athletic dreams began to be realized. You have the ability to do something special and it’s up to you to make that become a reality. That has really been my biggest inspiration and my biggest athlete that I look up to because of his determination to get me across that finish line.

The duo now faces its toughest test, as they’ve been invited to run in the world’s, toughest race, the Kona Ironman World Championship triathlon, which will test both Johnny and Jeff’s limits unfathomable ways, if you think, Based on watching these images that 16 year old, Kate Foster is a talented gymnast, you’d, be right, but that’s, not the whole picture.

This is the whole picture. The Illinois teen is not only talented. She’s. Extraordinary able to defy gravity and stick picture-perfect dismount with a prosthetic leg. Kate’s. Love of tumbling began at age 7.

She loved it right from the beginning that extra practice is the extra time at the gym. I’ve, never really found anything that I’ve loved more but then at age 12 the unthinkable Kate was diagnosed with leukemia and an infection that ravaged her leg, forced her to choose between life and a limb.

They told me what was going on and I said you’re, not taking off my life. I need that for gymnastics and they were kind of explaining to me. You know this. This bone marrow transplant won’t work. Unless we do this, it’s.

Really it’s. Really your leg or your life, Kate worries having only one leg meant her life as a gymnast was over, but her coach had other ideas after the amputation. My coach said something to me that really changed my mindset.

She said that she had never coached a one-legged gymnast before, but she was willing to try if I was so they set off on an uncharted course. Today, Kate competes with her team traveling throughout the nation.

In sanctioned gymnastics,

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  1. Stories like this are so encouraging. We all have ailments. Yes, some of us more than others.
    I live by my favorite quote ‘God’s plans are perfect’ because He’s sure has shown that to me, even through a few tough trials He held me through.

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