1. Hey Doc! I believe this is so true. I watched my grandmother and father die I help them through it I saw all types of things I do believe they go to another room for my dad who just passed away months ago that my sisters and brothers before I got home had this whole encounter with my dad and it was amazing. Even my pastor Dr. Tony Evans when his wife died his children and his family tell stories about her coming back-and-forth to another room I know there’s people who think that this could not happen but I’ve seen it for myself thank you for posting this it’s also made me so curious and wanting to talk to hospice nurses. I’ve even wanted to go to a hospital just to help people because I think it’s fascinating again thank you for this post it was something that I knew was true and I spoken to hospice nurse before but it just confirms what is true they’re not crazy they’re not seeing things while they’re seeing things but it’s not there hallucinating have a blessed day teresa from struggling blessed but not alone

    1. Teresa. Sorry about your dad. Not to get super spiritual, but I do think there’s a whole realm of things going on when people pass into eternity. Things we can’t see. I’ve heard people explain that death is like going into another room in a house and leaving us. There there–in the other room–just can’t see them. At least not yet. Keep going. cwp

      1. Oh I totally agree you can get a spiritual as you want to because that’s who I lean on I lost my site five years ago I’ve always had Stargardt‘s macular degeneration it’s a longer story I’m sure you’ve read some of my word press page I think you for wanting to follow me I do enjoy your stuff as well but I truly believe it to you I am nothing without my Lord my Jesus Christ I thank you so very much for writing back to me I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day and I know God is working so much in my life and I’m just always fascinating hope to talk to you soon may God bless you always and thank you for the kind words about my dad he had three types of cancer it’s all good I know he’s up there with the heavens in the heavens with my god if you read my blog about yesterday one month in a day or something like that you’ll read the post that I talk about just my dad going to have an in how it was an amazing thing I think you so very much again you may have already read it but have a wonderful and blessed day

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