This Really Happened. The Bear That Wouldn’t Let Go.

We can learn a lot from this bear’s tenacity. He wouldn’t let go.

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Here’s your spoonful of courage for the day 00:00:07 I want to tell you a true story that I heard when I was in New Mexico this summer on vacation 00:00:11 the story of a man his name is Mr Bridges and he was a guide and was up on a ranch with his 00:00:17 dogs and was attacked by a bear now apparently this bear was having a bad day and he attacked mr bridges and 00:00:24 they got in a tussle and of course what a what a mess but anyway the man shot the bear several times with his gun 00:00:31 and the bear latched on to his leg and uh clinched down on his leg and wouldn’t 00:00:36 let go well fortunately the man was able to kill the bear by shooting him in the head 00:00:41 and the interesting thing is that even when the ems got there they were unable to detach 00:00:47 the bear from the man’s leg i mean the man took his pocket knife and tried to cut the bear’s head off 00:00:52 and the Emergency Medical Services ultimately had to cut off the spine and dismember the head from the rest of the 00:00:58 body Mr. Bridges went to the emergency room apparently with the bear still clenched onto his leg you know 00:01:05 like that old bear we need to have that kind of tenacious ability to hold on to the things that 00:01:12 god wants us to hold onto let me read to you this verse in Hebrews chapter 10 00:01:18 it’s verse 23. It says this let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering 00:01:25 for he who promised is faithful you know like that bear we need to hold fast to some things. 00:01:33 We need to clench our jaws into god’s truth and this confession of hope that we have. 00:01:38 Never let go we’re living in crazy chaotic times from the COVID 19 pandemic, to riots to 00:01:46 political unrest, to you know the uncertainty of really knowing what’s real and what’s unreal and the media 00:01:52 these days and I just want to help you to stay focused and realize that we need to hold fast to this 00:02:01 confession of hope we know that as this verse says god is faithful 00:02:06 faithful and that he is going to work out his purposes not only in our life but in our world 00:02:13 for his pleasure i’m dr page the best guy to see on the worst day of your life and by the way 00:02:20 you can find the link to this story that i’ve enclosed please subscribe and share

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