Welcome to Life’s About Living with Joe and Chuck

If you’re aging and facing the challenges of getting older, you’re in the right place. You’re not alone.

We serve senior adults and retirees helping them find purpose, joy and satisfaction as they age gracefully. In our show, we equip those 55 and above to cope with the unique challenges of growing older. Our show interviews experts in the issues senior adults face coupled with inspiring interviews of seniors making the best of their aging opportunities.

Our show addresses faith, family and purpose in the context of aging. We equip seniors to face the challenges ahead.  We believe that retirement is just the beginning for most individuals. If you are still breathing, then you have a purpose and a way to contribute to your family, your community and to the world. More than anyone, senior adults have experience and life lessons to share.

We welcome your input. Feel free to drop us an email with questions and topics you would like discussed. You have a story to share about how you have grown or seen the possibilities in your life’s problems. Contact us at the following email address:


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Here’s a list of some of the topics we discuss on our shows:

Aging Tips

Caring for loved ones with dementia

How to be a caregiver

Joys of successful aging

Aging gracefully

Challenges of retirement

What to do when you retire

Travel lifestyle in retirement

Part time jobs for retirees

Coping with sickness

Medical problems related to aging and the elderly

Exercise for seniors

Strength and exercises for senior adults

Retirement lifestyle issues

Depression and loneliness in the elderly

How to overcome depression

How to overcome loneliness

Things to do for retired people

Ways to contribute to the younger people

How to raise and influence grandchildren

How to deal with adult children and their problems

How to have a good retirement.

Sharing your experiences with others

Sharing your life lessons with others

How to make a difference in your community

How to make a difference in your family

How to live life to the fullest as you age

Inspiration for daily living

How to leave a legacy to your family

Tips for Boomers in retirement

How to cope with cancer

How to cope with dementia

How to cope with adult children

How to raise your grandkids

Financial planning for retirement

Finding a doctor with medicare

How to find a doctor

How to deal with the medical system

The joys of aging

The challenges of aging

How to make end of life decisions

How to set up an advanced directive

How to set up a will

Leaving a legacy for your family

Leaving a legacy for your grandkids

Faith and aging

Leaving a legacy of faith

Examples of retirees making a difference

Making a difference in your community

Opportunities for retirees to serve others

Opportunities for the aged to make a difference

Giving back to your community when you’re old

Value of giving back to your community

Ideas for giving charity

Why giving back to your community is important

Elderly serving in church

Understanding the younger generation

How to understand other generations

Older sharing with younger generation

Sharing wisdom with younger generation

Old but still useful

Retired heroes

Best part time job for retirees

Best part time job for retired people

What to do in retirement

Jobs for retired people

Business ideas for the retired person

Best jobs for senior citizens

Employment for seniors

*Senior citizens who make a difference

Senior citizens who make a difference

Senior citizens who share with others

Senior citizens who leave a legacy

Senior citizens who pray for others

Senior citizens who encourage others

Senior citizens who volunteer in their community

Senior citizens who help others

Senior citizens tell their stories

Senior citizens with stories to tell

Senior citizens with stories to tell you

Grandpa tells stories

Grandpa tells war stories

Grandpa tells childhood stories

Grandpa’s lonely

Grandma’s lonely

Community projects for seniors

Loneliness in old age

Loneliness in older people

How to cope with loneliness

Senior citizens finding purpose

Senior citizens staying busy

The benefits of being a senior citizen

Senior citizens and loneliness

Where senior citizens should invest their money

Financial tips for senior citizens

Income for senior citizens

Financial plan for senior citizens

Best investment option for senior citizens

Choosing a retirement home

Choosing an assisted living facility

Tips for choosing long term care

How to choose assisted living

Guide to choose assisted living facility

Home care vs nursing home

Questions to ask when choosing an assisted living facility

Questions to ask when choosing a nursing home

Questions to ask when choosing a home health agency

Choosing a home health agency

When choosing a caregiver

When choosing a caretaker

Home care

Choosing home care vs other options

Home care vs other options

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