You have purpose….

Everyone ages. Part of life is living, and we want to equip people 55 and up to overcome the unique challenges of growing older. We interview experts on the topics that matter to senior adults and share inspiring stories of seniors who are embracing their age with grace and excitement.

We’re talking about:

  • What to do when you retire
  • What to do after you retire
  • The Secret to a happy retirement
  • Finding purpose in retirement
  • Aging joyfully
  • Challenges facing retirees
  • Caring for loved ones with dementia
  • Being a caregiver
  • Steps to retirement
  • Exercise for seniors
  • Making a difference in your community
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Jobs for seniors
  • Health plans for retirees
  • Medicare for seniors

And So Much More!

Latest from the Show


VIDEO DETAILS: Here’s today’s, spoonful of courage. Yesterday I had one of the most eye-opening experiences. I dropped my wife off at the hospital with people I didn’t even know to have a surgery in a state far away from where we live, and I experienced an emotion called separation anxiety. If you think aboutContinue reading “COVID GIVES PEOPLE FEELINGS OF SEPARATION ANXIETY”

Is the COVID Vaccine Safe

Here’s a video which explains the science behind the COVID vaccine and dispels some of the myths in the media. We’ve, been hearing a lot of myths about the covid vaccine and how it can incorporate inside the human genome, cause a chimera type phenomenon or maybe infertility. I want to dispel some of thoseContinue reading “Is the COVID Vaccine Safe”

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